• Jordan Burchette

What's A Domain & Why Do You Need One?

What is the big deal about domains?

Domains are the address of your website. They tell your potential client or reader what your website is about. The end of every domain has an extension such as .com .net or .org. These extensions do have different purposes and it is crucial to know the difference before choosing a domain name.

Extension Meanings:

.com is always going to be your best choice if possible. This extension stands for "commercial".

.net stands for networking. This domain is great for networking companies.

.org stands for organizations. This domain is great for organizations.

There are several other domain extensions but these three are the most popular.

Example: If your business is "Bob's Plumbing Co." you will want to choose www.bobsplumbingco.com as your domain or something similar if the above is already taken. You can search for available domains on Wix, Google, BlueHost, and GoDaddy to name a few popular platforms.

Once you find the domain you need, you pay to host that domain. Most platforms have you pay by the year or for two years at a time. It is crucial to make sure your card on file is current because failure to pay when it renews can cause you to lose your domain which is not something you want to happen.

Lastly, when I am working with clients, I always suggest they purchase privacy protection which typically costs $10-$15 on the Wix platform. This ensures that your personal information is not public.

Does all of this sound confusing or overwhelming? Don't stress. Let me design a website for you and help you with the backend technical tasks. Contact me here.

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